Press Release Timber Treaters Winter Dressage Champs

Timber Treaters Bridgetown Henty Winter Dressage Championships

Photos and article by Liz Tollarzo

On the 3rd to the 5th of August 2018, the Henty Riding Club held their annual Winter Dressage Championships at the Dardanup Equestrian Centre. This time the competition was held over three days to include a young horse championship for 4, 5 and 6 year olds starting on the Friday.

Tests were provided from preparatory level up to Grand Prix for EA competitor and participant riders as well as competitive pony classes. The FEI classes were well supported with a record number of entries. On the Saturday afternoon Dressage WA held its regional rider’s forum which was well attended by many competitors as well as some nibbles and local wine tastings which gave riders an opportunity to discuss the future of dressage in WA.

As is often expected at this time of the year, the weather was pretty wet and wild however those who stuck it out were rewarded on the Sunday with an ease of the conditions and everyone started to dry out! Riders were permitted to wear a light and short rain coat over their jackets to try and keep dry. Despite the rain, the arenas held up very well and organisers spent a lot of time ensuring everything that could be done was done, including extensive grading of arenas and changing arenas wherever possible for better performances each day.

As always, the competition ran smoothly with the aid of some very experienced organisers, helpers and friendly and encouraging judges with two guest judges, FEI 5* Mary Seefried from QLD and FEI 4* Jane Ventura from Victoria. To win a championship above preliminary level, riders had to ride a freestyle to be eligible which made it much more interesting for spectators and fellow competitors in between their classes.

Chief Judge Mary Seefried said “the inclusion of freestyles into championship shows was a very positive one and would encourage this in the future”. Henty Riding club had arranged some amazing sponsors for all the classes which certainly made it worthwhile getting wet!

The winners of the Tiamo Park Young Dressage horse classes were:
Champion 4 year old - Olivia Curtis and Broadwater Park Royal Edition
Champion 5 year old – Astrid Grov and BML Silhouette
Champion 6 year old – Beth King and Revelwood Royalty

In the participant classes the winners were:
Hillside Joe Participant Preliminary Champion – Karen Spice and Kings Town Hudson
Wight and Emmett Participant Novice Champion – Kim Thomas and Roseridge Fletcher

The Competitive winners were:
Horseland Bunbury Preliminary Champion – Gemma Davis and Warrego Bellissimo
RSM Australia Pony Preliminary Champion – Kelly Rowe and Karma Park Galahad
The Dell BnB Novice Champion – Astrid Grov and BML Silhouette
Harvey Water Pony Novice Champion – Zoe Inglis and Ruby De Luxe
Smart Stockfeeds Elementary Champion – Rachel Brennen and Mayfair Lady
Burgoynes Outpost Pony Elementary Champion – Kerry Dyjak and Primrose park Red Fox
West Coast Vets Medium Champion – Kaitlin Hull and Sunday Morning KDH
Tauton Vale Horsestud Pony Medium Champion – Sally Leigh Woods and Pav Nespresso
Timber treaters Bridgetown Advanced Champion – Kristy Zabaznow and Heatherton Park Ma Cherie
Oakford Equine Hospital FEI Small Tour Champion – Louise Hillman and Lord Louie
County Saddlery FEI Medium Tour Champion – Liz Tollarzo and Everton Park Jet Blauw D
XY Skin and Body Large Tour Champion – Suzanne Simons and Foxwood Whirlwind

Other Awards:
Burekup Developments Pty Ltd Highest percentage Henty member – Katlin Hull and Sunday Morning KDH
Christie Lyn Photography Highest percentage EA Rider – Astrid Grov and BML Silhouette
Equine Veterinary First Aid Highest percentage FEI rider – Kjersti Grov and Kinnordy Rheingold
Milne Feeds highest percentage junior rider – Zoe Inglis and Ruby De Luxe
Milne Feeds Highest percentage thoroughbred – Nina Johnston and Taunton Vale Franklin
Smart Stockfeeds fairest and best award – Teagan Sutton
Penrose Park Garlands best presented rider awards – Courtney Crockart and Camille Mumme