Club Constitution

Henty Riding Club Inc. CONSTITUTION 




  1. The name shall be “The Henty Riding Club Inc.” (hereinafter called “the Club”).


  1. The objects for which the Club is formed are:

(a) To encourage all people to ride and to learn to enjoy all kinds of sport connected

with horses and riding.

(b) To provide instruction in horse riding and horsemanship and to instill in

members the proper care of their animals and gear.

(c) To promote the highest ideals of horsemanship and loyalty thereby cultivating

strength of character and self-discipline.

(d) To encourage and assist all those who are interested in horses and ponies in

their endeavours to improve their knowledge of, and to promote the welfare of

and the demand for horses and ponies.

(e) To disseminate information on all matters relating to horses and general utility

of horses and ponies.


  1. Any person desirous of becoming a member of the Club shall apply in writing to the


  1. The Committee shall have the right to grant or decline any application for membership

without stating a reason.

  1. General membership shall be given to persons of any age.
  2. Honorary Life membership shall be granted by the Committee only to individuals who,

in the opinion of the Committee, have given outstanding service to the Club.


  1. (a) Any member of the Club who shall fail in the observance of any rule, regulation

or by-law of the Club, or whose conduct in any respect shall be derogatory to the

character or prejudicial to the interest of the Club, may be removed from

membership of the Club, by a majority of at least two thirds of such of the

members of the Committee as shall be present in person and vote at a special

meeting of the Committee, of which not less than seven days prior notice

specifying the intention to propose such resolution shall have been sent to all

members of the Committee and at which not less than the majority of the

members of the Committee shall be present.

(b) The Secretary shall in writing notify any member expelled pursuant to the

provisions of this paragraph of his/her expulsion and such member shall be

entitled within fourteen (14) days after receipt of such notice to appeal against

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such expulsion to a General Meeting of members specially called by the

Secretary for such purpose. Such special meeting shall be held within twentyeight

(28) days after written requisition by the member whose membership is

the subject of the appeal to the Secretary and the General Meeting shall decide

whether to allow or disallow such appeal on a simple majority vote taken by

secret ballot.

(c) Any member who shall be expelled from the Club or who shall for any other

reason whatsoever cease to be a member of the Club, shall have no claim to or

interest in the property or funds of the Club.


  1. (a) Patron

(b) President

(c) Vice-President

(d) Secretary

(e) Assistant Secretary

(f) Treasurer

(g) Five committee members

The Offices of Secretary and Treasurer may be combined.

Only members of 17 years of age or over shall be eligible to hold office.


  1. An Honorary Auditor shall be appointed by the members at the Annual General

Meeting for the ensuing year.


  1. The annual subscriptions to be paid by all members shall be as fixed from time to time

at any Annual General Meeting.


  1. (a) All Office Bearers set out in Clause 8 and the Honorary Auditor shall retire

annually but shall be eligible for re-election.

(b) Should there be more nominations than there are vacancies a secret ballot by

the simple majority method shall be taken to decide who shall hold office.

(c) Should there be an equal number of nominations and vacancies the Chairman

shall declare all nominees duly elected.

(d) Should there be a lesser number of nominations than there are vacancies the

Committee shall have the power to fill the vacancies or vacancy.


  1. Nominations of Office Bearers shall be received verbally at the Annual General

Meeting at which such election is to take place.

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  1. No new rule, alteration, addition or amendment to this Constitution shall be made

unless and until carried by 75% of members voting at a General or Special Meeting of

the Club nor unless a copy of the proposed addition, alteration or amendment shall

have been posted by the secretary to every member residing in the state of Western

Australia at least ten (10) days prior to the date of the meeting.


  1. Secretary

The Secretary Shall:

(a) Take and keep and maintain proper minutes of all meetings of the Club and of

the Committee.

(b) Attend to all correspondence.

(c) Maintain an up-to-date record of club membership.

(d) Carry out such other duties as the Club, Committee or President may from time

to time prescribe.


The Treasurer shall:

(a) Maintain accurate books of account in which shall be entered details of all Club

revenue and expenditure.

(b) Issue receipts for all fees, subscriptions and other funds paid to the club.

(c) Compile and issue a Balance Sheet and Statement of Revenue and Expenditure

duly audited and certified by the honorary Auditor which shall be laid before the

Annual General Meeting of the club.

(d) Present at each GeneralMeeting of the Club and at each Committee Meeting a

summarised statement of revenue and expenditure since the previous meeting.


  1. (a) All revenue received by the Club shall be deposited in a Bank account in the

name of the Club.

(b) All cheques drawn on behalf of the Club shall be signed by the Treasurer or

Treasurer/Secretary in the case of a combined appointment together with the

President or Vice President or any appointed member of the Committee.

(c) Any one of the Treasurer, Secretary/Treasurer if any, or President or Vice

President may endorse cheques payable to the club.


  1. The Club may co-operate with, become a member of or affiliate to any body or bodies

having objects similar in whole or in part to its own objects or any of them provided

that a two-thirds majority of the Committee is in favour of such affiliation.


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  1. The Club may purchase, take on lease or in exchange or on hire or dispose of any real

or personal property either solely or in partnership and shall enjoy all such rights,

powers and privileges and do all such things as may be necessary or expedient for

these purposes. The Club may invest and deal with the monies of the club not

immediately required for the purpose of the Club in such manner as may from time to

time be determined. The Club may operate any account with any bank, building

society or credit union.

  1. The Club shall have power to appoint a delegate or delegates as its representative/s to

any other body or bodies. Such delegate or delegates shall enjoy such powers and

privileges as may be determined by the committee from time to time and shall hold

office for such term or terms as shall be decided by the Committee.


  1. Any question whatsoever arising for which no specific rule is herein provided shall be

decided by the Committee whose decision shall be final and binding without recourse.


  1. The income and property of the Club shall be applied solely for the promotion of its

objects and no part thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of

dividend bonus or otherwise by way of pecuniary profit to the members or any of

them provided that remuneration may be paid in good faith to servants of the club or

other persons in return for services actually rendered to the Club notwithstanding that

such servant or other person is a member of the Club.


  1. If upon the winding up or dissolution of the Association there remains after

satisfaction of all its depts. And liabilities any property whatsoever, the same must not

be paid to or distributed among the members, or former members. The surplus

property must be given or transferred to another association incorporated under the

Act which has similar objects and which is carried out for the purposes of profit or gain

to its individual members, and which association shall be determined by resolution of

the members.


  1. The Club shall have a Common Seal, which shall be kept in the custody of the

Secretary. There shall be two seal holders for the purpose of affixing a seal who shall

be the President and the Secretary from time to time. The seal shall not be affixed to

any document except by authority of the Committee and the affixing of the seal shall

be counter-signed by both the President and the Secretary. The Secretary shall keep a

record of all documents to which the Seal shall be affixed.

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